Just Launched 2024 at Amazon: Sonos Ace Headphones

Sound like you’ve never felt

Meticulously engineered and tuned by the most discerning ears in the industry, Sonos Ace creates the deepest connection to sound. Each custom-designed component combines with our advanced software to surround you in the highest-fidelity audio. From crystal clear highs to powerful lows, every note feels more profound.

Sonos Ace – Black – Wireless Over Ear Headphones with Noise Cancellation

Sonos Ace perfects your personal listening experience. Feel every frequency with superior precision and clarity. Maximize your immersion with lossless streaming, spatial audio with dynamic head tracking, and world-class Active Noise Cancellation. Hear what’s going on around you with Aware mode. Enjoy up to 30 hours of battery life, exceptional comfort, and flawlessly clear calls.

Close-up view of the internal components of the Sonos Ace, showcasing the intricate circuitry and speaker driver.

Extreme clarity

Positioned to deliver the most balanced sound profile and distortionless playback, the dynamic driver produces each frequency with impeccable precision and accuracy.

Detailed view of the speaker driver and internal parts of a Sonos Ace, highlighting the advanced design and technology.

Superior bass

The ported acoustic architecture enhances the bass response of each driver to reveal all the richness and depth in your music and entertainment.

Spatial audio

All-around mind blowing

Enjoy an industry-leading Dolby Atmos experience with dynamic head tracking. Feel surrounded in hyperrealistic sound from every direction, and explore different elements of the music as you move.

Close-up of a man with a gray beard, wearing white Sonos Ace headphones, enjoying music with his eyes closed.

Lossless audio

Every detail in greater detail

Pick up on every nuanced note and beat in your music when you stream lossless audio over Bluetooth® or via USB-C.

Woman in a yellow outfit laying on a couch with her eyes closed, wearing white Sonos Ace headphones and appearing relaxed.
Overhead view of white Sonos Ace headphones with ear cups laid flat, showcasing the sleek design and soft padding.

Active Noise Cancellation

Get lost in your listening experience

World-class ANC uses six optimally positioned microphones to finely pinpoint and neutralize external sounds for maximum immersion.

Aware mode

Stay in tune with your environment

Aware mode lets in ambient sounds so you can hear what’s going on around you and listen to your music. It’s the best fidelity of both worlds.

Crystal clear calls

The beamforming microphone system distinguishes your voice and suppresses background noise on phone and video calls.

Professional woman wearing white Sonos Ace headphones and glasses, working at a desk in a modern office environment while holding fabric samples.

Comfort for all

With thoughtful consideration for different head shapes and sizes, hairstyles, and accessories such as glasses, Sonos Ace underwent extensive testing to ensure a comfortable wear experience for hours on end.

Red-haired woman wearing black Sonos Ace headphones, sitting in a car and gazing out the window.

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